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With the feature to generate quick reports in GO-ERP, it is easier for decision makers to focus on their other important works productively. The comprehensive reports make it convenient for the decision makers to identify the key factors. Personalization feature of GO-ERP allows what reports or graphs you want to keep on your dashboard.

  • Inventory
  • HR Request
  • Leave Module
  • Contact management
  • Organizational Chart
  • Meeting Room
  • FAQ

Inventory Management

Using this module, you get to enjoy full-time warehouse orderliness

  • Improved Inventory Processes
    The GO-ERP makes it easy to have the highly effective double entry system for recording the inventory. It helps you with the latest state of the art technology for optimum maintenance of the inventory and stock reports. It facilitates a smart way of accessing and updating the inventory data irrespective of place and time.
  • Effective Inventory Management
    The GO-ERP Solutions makes it easy to maintain sufficient stock all the time. It avoids unnecessary holding of the stocks beyond the usual requirements. At the same time, it ensures to have minimum stock levels all the time without causing any delays to the production department.
  • Easy Online Tracking
    With the sophisticated GO-ERP, it is easy to monitor every transaction, whether it is sales or purchase. It enables easy tracking of any order anytime that is within the supply chain of your business.

Human Resource Management

Fully integrated module for HR request management

  • Regular Performance Reviews
    Regular performance reviews will motivate the employees to perform better for the growth of the organization.GO-ERP provides you with the updated data at frequent intervals to plan the human resources of your business.
  • Regular Surveys to get feedback
    Knowing how your workers feel about the processes of the organization plays an important role in making it effective. It facilitates easy customization of the surveys and to get accurate reports. It helps in planning your HR policies for the employees. It also enables you to generate a new survey within a minute by making a few changes to the previous questionnaire.
  • Interviews with specific persons
    With GO-ERP, it is easy to fix interview appointments with certain people from whom you want specific inputs for decision making. The organization chart provides a clear picture of who has to report to whom. You can also choose specific people to respond to the surveys you have created.

Employee Leave Management

Employee holiday and leave management module

  • Monitor Employee Attendance
    It facilitates easy tracking of the employee attendance and to know who is working and who is on leave on any day.
  • Leave Permissions
    With a simple mouse click, it is possible to grant permission for leave or decline the same. The system offers lots of flexibility and convenience for monitoring leave management.
  • Generate Reports
    Tracking the leave records of the employees has never been easier. It generates reports on the employee leaves with the details of leaves availed and available leaves. Employees can apply for leave easily using the system.

Organizational Chart

The Organization enables you to see the hierarchy in the organization in a visual format.

  • Creates the organization chart easily
    Automatically set your organization’s workflow chart in an ascending order.
  • Provides options to minimize and to maximize
    Resize your chart with the direction buttons.
  • Drag and Drop
    Just drag node to the required location and drop to confirm the location you selected.
  • Facilitates drag and drop option to understand a particular position
  • Select layout
    Switch between vertical or horizontal structure by pressing buttons.

Meeting Room

Manage meeting room; keep tabs on reservations and maintenance

  • Manage reservations
    It facilitates the management of every resource of the organization including the Meeting Room. You can easily track the booked slots and the free slots available for conducting meetings.
  • Comprehensive Calendar
    It facilitates easy integration of your Google Calendar and Gmail. GO-ERP updates all the scheduled meetings with the agenda automatically. It shows the available time slots for giving appointments and doing your work.
  • Reschedule the meetings/ appointments
    It offers a lot of flexibility in rescheduling your meetings and appointments and updates the same with the respective people concerned.

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