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With the ERP solutions, it is easy to visualize the entire project along with its multiple processes and systems. Through interactive graphs and diagrams, it is easy to know the progress of the project, the critical factors, and the different processes it is yet to complete.

  • Project management
  • Document management system
  • Media
  • Marketing Automation
  • Timesheet
  • Expenses
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Project management

Complete work management project module with relevant tasks

  • Forecast the Future Requirements
    Effective project management depends upon the ability of the leadership in foreseeing the future and predicting things that may happen during the course of the project. Getting ready for the future requirements is a hallmark of effective project manager.
  • Anticipate Challenges in Advance
    In addition to foreseeing the future requirements, it is essential to anticipate the challenges the project may face in future. Planning in advance for the future challenges ensures project completion within the given time, without any delays and escalation of project costs.
  • Coordinate the Team Effectively
    Coordinating the workforce is one of the major challenges of a large organization. The software ensures easy coordination of all the stakeholders in a project. Follow up actions are easy to make and unnecessary delays and bottlenecks in communication can be effectively avoided.

Document management system

ERP takes care of all Your Business Documents at one Place

  • Seamless Work
    ERP allows your organization to work seamlessly without any bottlenecks. Timely communication of the important updates plays a vital role in building a thriving business. It takes care of all the requirements documentation perfectly.
  • Sharing Documents
    Sharing important documents with your clients and customers has never been so easy. ERP ensures safe and easy sharing of the documents.
  • Storing Documents
    Keeping the most vital documents in safety is a huge concern of many business organizations. Storing the documents in the electronic format ensures not only greater safety to the document but also immediate access to them whenever necessary.

Media Management

Follow the news and provide your members with feeds

  • Share the Latest News/Blog
    Latest happenings in the company and the news related to the company can be shared easily. It is easy to share the latest blog articles of the company with all the employees and the stakeholders.
  • Improve the Number of Subscribers
    Every business needs effective marketing and visibility in the market for attracting new customers. Maintaining a good rapport with the existing and potential customers plays a key role in improving business.
  • Manage Content Marketing
    GO-ERP Blog provides you with the latest content about the business. Blogging about your business is made very easy. With the attractive layout and visuals, you can publish blogs at frequent intervals. Just complete the space provided for information and drag the visuals and images you like to your blog. Your blog will be ready in a few minutes.

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