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GO Team

GO team is a unique company of international experts with a fundamental objective, to make progress for our customers, that means their benefit and public reputation. We see their successes as ours too.

The rationality of GO group is to help provide excellent and affordable services which are meant in understanding the requirements for mid and bigger corporates in their business intricacy in front, anyway our goal is accomplishing extraordinary business results.

We are well known for responsiveness, sharpness, viability, genuineness, straightforwardness and GO-to disposition.

  • 1. Corporate specialization
  • 2. International standards adherence
  • 3. European management & Dubai HQ
  • 4. Proven global success
  • 5. Customized approach = total ROI

our team

In the year 2005, Karel Zeman operated as the CEO when established Dubai. GO-Gulf has developed from a company which develops web portals (1st known real estate company UAE propelled in 2005) into a completely fledged, global and online custom development organization.

Its vision to satisfy corporate necessities is because of the CEO's wide experiences with the world's top organizations. We have worked with numerous respected global organizations and government offices. Our abilities have been enhanced by the several experiences gained by working with diverse corporations.

stand out?

  • Firm Adherence of the International Development Standards
  • Standard operating procedures to Adapt Corporate Development
  • Outstanding Communication for local and overseas Projects
  • Our projects Consists of Clients from the whole world
  • Thorough Quality and user experience tests GOing Live
  • Complete A-Z custom development cycle
  • Profit Driven Method (in User Interface and after Promotion)
  • Finest Quality Outputs and Open-Pricing Policy
  • Clients are Given the Opportunity to Monitor the Project’s Progress Online
  • International Offices in Dubai, Prague, Shanghai and more

GO Headquarter

The head office of the GO is currently located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the prime location for the majority of research, strategy setting, information architecture building, project management, and partially actual development. The main development is supported by our four development centers in Europe and the Subcontinent.

In the GO headquarters, we have a very conducive workspace equipped with the latest technical tools and necessary knowledge making it easy for us to assist clients in carefully selected regions.

GO group comprises of very much prepared International IT experts who have wide-scope of encounters.

Before employing our staff, we screen them thoroughly so we can guarantee delivery of the best expertise. Which is one of our best-selling point.

our team

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Since 2005, we have led, we value both the presence and purpose of our partners. We depend on them and perceive their commitments to our prosperity. GO-Gulf Partners in a straightforward way with many solution providers. When the relationship has started, we include them in accomplishing durable execution through shared development.

We are constantly hoping to cooperate with constructive, dependable, talented expert individuals to guarantee repeatability. An approach to add to the client experience and make an all-around win remunerate frameworks that we can profit from. It is a method with which we create expanding and evolving opportunities for both companies to make more profit.

Community Support

GO-Globe is a known member of a worldwide community which works enthusiastically with non-profit organizations like orphanages, home for the elderly, and the disabled.

It is our utmost priority to help the global community, we work towards supporting the non-profit organization through the development of a website and a custom developed product that will help their cause.

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