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The State of Internet Censorship – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

September 3, 2016

Did you know more than 64% of global internet users are concerned about the Government censoring of Internet and only 31% of global internet population has complete freedom on Internet . Check out our new infographic “The State of  Internet Censorship” for latest statistics and trends.

The State of Internet Censorship

Infographic by GO Globe Web Design Hong Kong

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Share Of Global Internet Users Concerned About The Government Censoring The Internet

Region %age of Internet Users
Global 64%
Middle East/Africa 69%
BRIC 66%
APAC 64%
North America 60%
G-8 Countries 56%
Europe 54%

Global Internet Population by Freedom on Net

Freedom on Internet %age
Free 31%
Partly Free 22.7%
Not Free 34.3%
Not assessed 12%

61% of Internet users live in countries where criticism of government/military/ruling family has been subject to censorship.

58% of Internet users live in countries where bloggers were jailed for sharing content on political, social and religious issues.

45% of Internet users live in countries where posting satirical writing, videos or cartoons online can result in censorship or jail time.

38% of internet users live in countries where social media or messaging apps were blocked in the past year.

Countries with highest and worst Internet Freedom Rating

Highest Internet Freedom Lowest Internet Freedom
Iceland 6 China 88
Estonia 7 Syria 87
Canada 16 Iran 82
Germany 18 Ethiopia 82
Australia 19 Cuba 81
United States 19 Uzbekistan 78
Japan 22 Vietnam 76
Italy 23 Saudi Arabia 73
France 24 Bahrain 72
Georgia 24 Pakistan 69

Top Countries by Number of User Data Requests Sent to Google

Country Number of User Data Requests %age of requests where data produced
United States 12,002 78%
Germany 3,903 58%
France 3,489 56%
United Kingdom 3,146 75%
India 3,087 44%
Singapore 1,408 77%
Australia 1,080 70%
Italy 958 43%
Brazil 774 57%
Spain 715 51%

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