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Analysis of the data is easy and quick with the installation of the ERP solutions. Within a few seconds, you can generate the required data in the required format for analysis and decision making.

  • Dashboard
  • Product / Orders
  • Quotations/ Invoices
  • Contact management
  • Accounting
  • Expenses
  • Point of Sale (POS)


Dashboard is the most vital tool for any business organization to monitor the day to day business operations

  • Dashboard Tells Everything
    A quick glance at the dashboard reveals many things about the business at any point of time. Visual representation of the data in the form of charts and diagrams makes it easy to understand the complex data. Different types of diagrams and charts like pie charts, vertical bar charts and horizontal bar charts communicate the data effectively.
  • Easy Analytics
    Analysis of the data is easy and quick with the installation of the ERP solutions. Within a few seconds, you can generate the required data in the required format for analysis and decision making.
  • Easy Book keeping
    Every electronic transaction gets recorded in the accounts books of the firm automatically. You can save a lot of time and money and need not employ any accountant. Thus, it saves manpower and reduces the cost of overheads.

Ordering Process System

You can ensure accurate product and order management with minimal effort

  • Categorize Products
    Categorize your products in such a way that it is easy for the potential buyers to choose from the list of products by simply checking in the check box. Simple ways attract the customers and they place orders easily. Selecting and buying should be an easy process.
  • Choose Product Templates
    Creating a template for each of your products is a great marketing idea. It ensures to keep all the relevant information about a product at one place. You have a good number of options in choosing the template that works best for your business. Moreover, it attracts customers.
  • Restrict the Access
    Access to the products / services can be restricted. Only the customers who have signed into the portal can have access to your products/services. They have access to them with easy to purchase and payment options. Any authorized person in the organization can have access to it to make changes to the list.

Contact management

Get all the personal details you need

  • Quick accessibility of contacts
    Using a top-grade filter system, you can sort out your needed data within seconds. Using a more systematic concept, you can categorize contacts based on key pointers such as; by company role, by country, or the manager of the account.
  • Quick review of all appointments
    Stay updated on your meetings, forward invitations and other additional information. You can link all these using Google Calendar.
  • Keep tabs on all business transactions
    With just a few clicks, you can access all your quotation requests, purchase and sales orders, all for your supplier to your end as a user. Get access to your customer history, including overdue balances and total invoices.


With little effort, you can easily transform quotations into invoices

  • Procedure payment method
    Use automated payment systems such as Buckaroo, PayPal, Adyen and Authorize.net. By using default reminders, you no longer have to be distressed with sending reminders and following messages. You are paid without any pressure or delay through the billing system tailored specifically for your use.
  • Computerized Accounting and record keeping
    Get a simplified accounting process that enables you to keep tabs on your invoice drafts, payments, and unpaid bills. A simplified and computerized payment system will automatically track all incoming and outgoing financial transactions occurring in your bank account
  • Custom analysis
    Review your invoices and sales with bespoke dashboards. Access relevant information and make sales evaluation easily.

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